Landscape Day invites you to experience and to photograph landscape (

The traditional landscape is managed with grazing in Hanko's Tulliniemi. © Tapio Heikkilä

Press release 5.9.2022 Finnish Environment Institute SYKE and the Ministry of the Environmen
Landscapes are an essential part of our well-being and the quality and diversity of our living environment. Thursday 20 October is International Landscape Day. The annually celebrated Landscape Day encourages everyone to participate in observing landscapes and in the decision-making concerning them. Take part in the programme to celebrate Landscape Day or create your own way to celebrate.

Investigation of a possible high-risk shipwreck in Utö waters (

Lowering research instruments to the sea. © Photo: Finnish Environment Institute

Press release 29.8.2022 Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
The marine research vessel Aranda is on the southeast side of Utö this week. A preliminary investigation of the tugboat Simson, which sank in 1978, is underway for a possible oil removal operation.

Published 2022-09-06 at 9:57, updated 2022-09-06 at 9:56