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Some of the pages at this website have shortcuts addresses. The shortcuts make linking easier and the addresses are easier to remember. A list of shortcuts in alphabetical order is maintained on this page. The text in the left-hand column of the list serves as the link to the page in question.

Algal situation
Monitoring butterflies in Finnish agricultural landscapes
International trade of endangered species
Dams and dam safety
How do I prepare for floods and what do I do if there is one?
Flood mapping
Natural habitats
Hydrological situation and forecasts
Baltic Sea Cooperation for Climate Resilience
Natureship - Integrated planning of coastal areas and habitat management in the Baltic Sea
Producer responsibility
Protected areas
Research programme of deficiently known and threatened forest species 2009-2016 (PUTTE)
Nutrient Neutral Municipality
The 2019 Red List of Finnish species
The 2015 Red Lists of Finnish birds and mammals
Assessment of threatened habitat types in Finland
The state of the environment indicators
The state of the environment in Finland in 2017
The state of the environment in Finland in 2013
The state of the environment in Finland in 2008
What is the state of the Baltic Sea
Sustainable nutrient management in biogas production
Transfrontier shipments of waste
Management of urban water monitoring, developing stormwater risk planning and early warning service
Register for waste carriers and brokers in Finland
Hydrological forecasts and maps


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