Transboundary environmental impact assessment

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The environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure aims to reduce or prevent adverse environmental impacts of a project. Environmental impact assessment of plans and programmes (SEA) means assessing impacts as part of the preparation process.

If environmental impacts of projects, plans or programmes across national borders, an assessment procedure is organised in cooperation with the other country.

Participation in an ongoing environmental impact assessment in another country

The Finnish Environment Institute is responsible for the information and consultation tasks under the Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context (Espoo Convention). According to the amendments made to the Finnish EIA Act, the Finnish Environment Institute is the competent authority of the Espoo Convention from 1 January 2023 in Finland. The Ministry of the Environment was previously responsible for these tasks.

The tasks cover both projects, plans and programmes planned in Finland and those that are planned in another contracting party that may have significant transboundary environmental impacts on Finland’s territory. The Finnish Environment Institute provides an opportunity for authorities, organisations, and residents of the contracting parties of the Espoo Convention to participate in these procedures.

In addition, according to the Land Use and Building Act, the Finnish Environment Institute must inform other states of land use plans which could have significant cross-border environmental impacts.

Ongoing projects, plans and programmes

For now, you can find ongoing EIA and SEA assessments in other countries on the Ministry of the Environment's website.

Consultations starting in year 2023 will be updated on this page.

Conventions regulating international environmental impact assessments

The Espoo Convention regulates transboundary environmental impact assessments. The SEA Protocol annexed to the Espoo Convention assesses the transboundary environmental impacts of plans and programmes. In addition, Finland is committed to a bilateral agreement with Estonia on environmental impact assessments in a transboundary context.

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