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Baltic Sea coastal states and EU agree on new measures to protect Baltic Sea (ym.fi)

Today, on 20 October, the ministers of the coastal states around the Baltic Sea responsible for marine protection and the European Commission adopted the updated Baltic Sea Action Plan. The Baltic Sea coastal states and EU have implemented the Action Plan since 2007. The Action Plan sets down the common objectives and agreed measures until 2030.

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SYKE’s Policy Briefs at the core of climate policy

Researched information on climate change should be used to plan fair and efficient climate policy, may that be regionally, nationally, or globally. This researched information can be found on Finnish Environment’s Policy Briefs that offer a concise summary of a particular issue, policy options for it and recommendations. Multiple of the Policy Briefs deal with the issues of climate change.
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Climate diet calculator

The climate diet helps you find out your carbon footprint and how to make it smaller. Climate diet is developed by the Finnish Environmental Institute SYKE Calculate your carbon footprint and start a climate diet.

MarineFinland.fi - The treasure trove of Finnish marine data

Everything you wanted to know about the Baltic Sea is in one place. MarineFinland.fi gathers sea data and knowledge from nine Finnish organizations and institutes.



Executing circular economy strategies in practice in Finland. Results and experiences from Circwaste project (helda.fi)
Circwaste – Towards Circular Economy is one of the biggest development projects accelerating the transition to a circular economy. During the period 2016–2020, the project has produced monitoring data on the development of circular economy and the sustainability of waste management, highlighted the circular economy concept, promoted stakeholder collaboration, supported strategic national processes, strengthened know-how and mainstreamed and concretised circular economy thinking. This interim report presents all the relevant results so far.