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Shortcuts at the environment.fi

Some of the pages at this website have shortcuts addresses. The shortcuts make linking easier and the addresses are easier to remember. A list of shortcuts in alphabetical order is maintained on this page. The text in the left-hand column of the list serves as the link to the page in question.

Algal situation environment.fi/algalsituation
Situation Awareness System (BORIS) environment.fi/boris
Monitoring butterflies in Finnish agricultural landscapes environment.fi/butterflymonitoring
International trade of endangered species environment.fi/cites
Dams and dam safety environment.fi/damsafety
How do I prepare for floods and what do I do if there is one? environment.fi/floodinstructions
Flood mapping environment.fi/floodmaps
Floods environment.fi/floods
Natural habitats environment.fi/habitattypes
Housing environment.fi/housing
Hydrological situation and forecasts environment.fi/hydroinfo
Landscapes environment.fi/landscapes
Baltic Sea Cooperation for Climate Resilience environment.fi/lossi
Nature environment.fi/nature
Natureship - Integrated planning of coastal areas and habitat management in the Baltic Sea environment.fi/natureship
Producer responsibility environment.fi/producerresponsibility
Protected areas environment.fi/protectedareas
Research programme of deficiently known and threatened forest species 2009-2016 (PUTTE) environment.fi/PUTTE
Nutrient Neutral Municipality environment.fi/ranku
The 2019 Red List of Finnish species environment.fi/redlist
The 2015 Red Lists of Finnish birds and mammals environment.fi/redlist/2015birdsandmammals
Assessment of threatened habitat types in Finland environment.fi/treatenedhabitattypes
Sea environment.fi/sea
The state of the environment indicators environment.fi/soe
The state of the environment in Finland in 2017 environment.fi/soer2017
The state of the environment in Finland in 2013 environment.fi/soer2013
Species environment.fi/species
The state of the environment in Finland in 2008 environment.fi/stateofenvironment2008
What is the state of the Baltic Sea environment.fi/stateofthebalticsea
Sustainable nutrient management in biogas production environment.fi/sustainablebiogas
Transfrontier shipments of waste environment.fi/tfs
Management of urban water monitoring, developing stormwater risk planning and early warning service environment.fi/urbanstormwaterrisk
Hydrological forecasts and maps environment.fi/waterforecast
Waters environment.fi/waters


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